Monday, October 4, 2010

I love the Fall!!!

I'm so glad its fall!!! This is my absolute favorite time of year. I love both Halloween and Thanksgiving and all the warm decor that goes along.....I love football season, both College-Go Cowboys and High School-Go Demons.......I love the smell of pumpkin and apple spice candles burning in my house......I love going to Braxtons baseball games and not sweating to death.......and most of all I just love being able to play outside all day with my boys and doggies!! We've been pretty darn busy with HS football Friday nights, my nephews little league football on Saturdays and then Brax's baseball games every Sunday! Bradys at the age right now that he wants to run around everywhere so I've burned lots and lots of calories chasing him around at all the games!!
Here's a few pics of whats been going on this fall so far.......
Since Braxtons in Middle School now he's started band, he's playing the Baritone!Brady Bug loves going to all the ballgames, he's rep'n our team in this one!!My friends Amanda was able to get us front row tickets to Disney On Ice....all my besties and our kiddos loved it!Braxtons a little too old for these shows but he went along so he could get some fair food afterward!Stew, Kris, Joby, and I got to enjoy the fair one night without the kiddos, we had a really really good time!!My cousin Karri had Sweet Baby Camden last month, hopefully I'll get to see him again this weekend at our cousin Brooks baby shower but I'm sure he already looks so different!!
This week I'm going to get out my fall decorations so that I can decorate our front porch. Can't wait to post pics!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The summer has came to an end.....sorta

Well, back to school time is here. Tomorrow morning I will be driving past the Elementary school and dropping off Bubba Chubba at the Middle School. I can't believe my baby is in Middle School!?! We had meet and great with the teachers last night, of course we already know most of them but at least Brax got to make his way from one class to the other. No crayons, glue, or scissors on this years supply list......just big kid stuff. He's so pumped about 5th grade, I'm not sure if its because he's in a bigger school now or if its really because in Middle School you get to choose from 7 different flavors of ice cream to buy at lunch. He's starting band too this year so it might be a good thing our neighbors aren't too close! I'll post pics of tomorrow before I drop him off since I'm not allowed (by him) to walk him in on the first day of school!

With one kid at school that leaves me only one monster at home, and I mean MONSTER!! This kid is sooooo different than his older brother. He's so stinkin ornery!! He's not bad by any means but Joby and I have been so spoiled by the "golden child" that Brady is a handful! He likes to hit, throw things, throw fits in the floor, bang stuff on the tv, push the dogs around even though they are bigger than him, get into stuff he knows he's not supposed......I could go on and on but he does all of this stuff giving a completely innocent sweet smile! Joby and I already tease that when he starts school the principle will have us on speed dial.......hopefully we are exaggerating lol.

He is very entertaining though. While Brax liked to dance, talk, always be the center of attention, Brady would rather be playing with his cars or playing baseball....the kid is obsessed with baseball. Its pretty cute though!

Well, enough of my rambling....gotta get Brax all ready for school tomorrow!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Okay, so I noticed on my bff Missys blog that "Jessica" 's last blog post was 5 weeks ago.....where has the time went? So much has went on, I'll just sum it up with some pics....

Jen, Michelle, Mandy, Krissy and I went to see Eclipse at the midnight show!! I forgot to take any pics of us in our different super cute shirts, but this is what mine looked like! The movie was soooo good but I can't believe we have to wait until November of NEXT YEAR for Part 1 of Breaking Dawn......UGH!!We started on the landscpaping but have ran out of time (imagine that?) to finish, hopefully it will be done before the winter
Before the tilling....
After....and this is as far as we have got lol

Baseball season came to an end....our boys got 3rd place in the county, not bad for 1st year kid pitch!! We obviously had more players than just 5, but this was taken at Trophy Night

Braxton Dean turned 10!! I just can't believe it!! I told him this was the last year for a "big" party so we rented a water slide and kids had a ton of fun. One new thing, he wanted to open the presents in his room with his should have seen all the grass I had to vacuum up lol

Jen and I took Avery and Brady to see Storytime Live! They absolutely loved it!! We already have Yo Gabba Gabba and Disney on Ice tics for the fall!!

Brady and Avery are less than a month apart. Jen and I were very best friends in high school and think its so neat our kids will get to grow up together, now if I can just get them to move to Beggs they could go to school together too ;-)

Of course there are tons of other stuff we've done in the past month, but chasing a one year old around does not give moma much time to take pictures! Lets hope it gets easier.....but I doubt it hahaha. Oh and one other thing birthday...last year before the Dirty Thirty, I'm gonna try and enjoy it!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Is Sweet

I absolutely LOVE summertime. I love that Brax doesn't have school, I love that the boys get to play outside, I love that its baseball season, I love that the dogs can run around and not freeze, I love cookouts, but I do NOT love the summer bugs! Yes, my pretty little bite was from a brown recluse....ouch! Its healing up very nicely though, hopefully it wont scar too bad...Luckily I haven't seen anymore spideys so they boys should be in the clear!
As usual, we have been crazy busy. I did take Brady to get his 1st haircut though! He was pretty sleepy but my good friend Missy that does my hair did not mind he was a little cranky. She has two sweet boys of her own and another on the way so she knows little boys just don't like getting their hair cut!!

Here is the end result, he looks so BIG!! He says "cheese" now when I take his picture, you can kind of tell he's saying it here :-)

Along with Missy, two of my cousins are preggo too!! Although I never want to be in their shoes again I cannot wait until they have their little ones! Missy, who I spoke of above is having a little a little miracle boy that she is not releasing the name of until his arrival! My cousin Karri is having baby Camden in September and my cousin Brook is having baby "don't know yet" in December! I cannot wait until they all get here so I can steal sweet baby kisses!!

Baseball has taken over our nights the past few weeks. Its for sure been the good, bad, and the very ugly but its still fun! Brax is in his first year of kid pitch and I'm totally floored at how well he's pitching! Not to brag, but he's really been putting a lot of effort into it and is very talented, I can't wait to see how much he progresses in the future! Our entire team is awesome this year, we these boys get in high school the Demons are gonna ROCK!

This past weekend I went out with two of my very best friends Jen and Jessica. We didn't do much but we had a lot of fun. It was a totally random night but its always like that when you get us three together, its been that way for close to 17 or so years!!

The midnight Eclipse opening is only 15 days away YAHOO!! Me, Jen, Kris, and Mandy have our midnight tickets already and cannot wait until its here!!! Then of course we'll be dying for the part 1 of Breaking Dawn to come out in the fall!! Stephenie Meyer did release a short book about on of the newborn vampires that is in Eclipse and I recommend it to anyone thats going to see Eclipse, its really good!!

Well I will leave this quick blog with a crazy picture from Sunday afternoon....Brady LOVES the mud and LOVES to dip his face in it! I'm a total germaphobic crazy mom so I rushed him in soon after I took this and gave him a bath but at least he had a minute or so of fun lol.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer is here!! Yea! Braxton is so glad to be out of school! I am really sad that my baby is gonna be a middle schooler next year....I just can't believe it. Where did the time go?

Baseball has been going great! Unfortunately between yelling at the boys playing and trying to keep up with Brady at the ballfield, I haven't been able to take any good pictures of him playing. We have won our last three games and Braxton pitched three beautiful innings on Monday. Heres a cute pic after a game the other night.
Brady thinks he needs popcorn at every game, not sure whats gonna happen when we go to a field that doesn't serve it?
The boys played outside in the water the other day when I saw this.....I asked Brax what they were doing and he said "Getting their tan on"
Well my situation of the day is this spider bite.......I'm trying to get into the Dr this afternoon but if shes too booked I guess I will just run up to the Urgent Care. Thats my arm if you can't tell, and yes I know I need a tan!!!

We have no plans for Memorial weekend which is A-OK with me. I love just staying home with my guys. I hope everyone has a safe fun filled weekend!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Carley

This past weekend we went to Miss Carleys 3rd birthday party! It was at Chuck E Cheese! AHHH The boys had a great time! My arm is totally sore today though from carrying Brady around, I really wish this boy would start walking! Our peditrician keeps telling me he will when hes ready but MOMAS ready!! lol

Carley had a great time!

Brady got to play with two of his friends, Avery and Makenzie!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Yea for having Fridays off!

I am so lucky to have Friday-Monday off! And it will be even better starting next week when Braxton will have Fridays off as well. The weather has been so beautiful and we've been spending EVERY single evening outside!
Brax and Dalton playing a game of Horse
This is how he prefers to go down his slide!
Brady Bug got his 1st busted lip so we had to have a Pop Ice to make it better!
So I realize that the bugs will start biting my poor babies soon. Bradys exzema is so bad so I've been doing some research on repellant that wont make it any worse....I've read that a soap called "Pine Tar" is good for bug bites on exzema kiddos and also works as a repellant so I've ordered some..I'll let everyone know the results.

My great debate right now is whether or not to cut Bradys hair. His hair was his "trademark" in the NICU lol. Its wild crazy right now but I just can't make myself get it cut. Joby doesn't want to either. I DO feel sorry for whomever we have cut when we do decide later on, this kid DOES not like being still lol. Check out his "do" in the tub the other night.....I think I may have my own Baby Einstein Jobys all caught up on his yards for a few days so we are looking forward to some quality family time this weekend! I absolutely love the summertime! I booked our room for our mini vacation in July. A group of my girlfriends and our families are going to stay at a resort together! Us girls are looking forward to spa time, the guys are looking forward to golf time, and the kiddos are looking forward to pool time!! COME ON JULY!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

So, its just been toooo crazy!

Well I had promised myself I'd blog more but we have honestly been WAY too crazy around here.

1. Ball has started. Practice practice practice....lets cross our fingers for no broken noses this year!
2. Brady finally went to his GI specialist in OKC Thursday. I'll spare you all the horrible details but hopefully we'll start getting some poopy diapers more often (I know most mommys wouldn't hope for this but its been rough)
3. Its been BEAUTIFUL outside! The boys and I spend our evenings outside...playing, swinging, jumping on the trampoline....its been great
I had my nephews one evening and they all had a great time playing.....check out Bradys hair lol
4. Last but NOT least. Joby quit the phone company!! HUGE life change for us. Goodbye close employment and goodbye free insurance! We've debated going full time lawn care for about two years now but its just been so scary. Right after he gave his notice with the phoco he got a huge contract with a company that mows forclosed properties. So sadly, we make our income from people losing their homes. Its great though for us, Jobys spent some good quality time driving in the Titan this past week going from town to town and has had some pretty big fights with our dear friend Tom Tom. Once he gets home I get the lucky job of downloading the hundreds of pics he taken, filing them, and then emailing them. I'm starting to think if it stays as busy as this I will have to quit by part time-part time job. Well at least try again....I'm not sure Bob will let me go lol.

5. Well I dont really have any more excuses for not blogging other than these two guys....I think they are a pretty good excuse though!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break

Well, Braxtons been on Spring Break this week and I was looking forward to spending Monday with him but last week I had food poisening (AWFUL) so I worked Monday to catch up. It had been over a year since I worked on a Monday so my weeks been all off. Joby was off though so he hung out with the boys! Tuesday I left early from work to go to one of my dear friends grandmothers funeral. Although the circustances were terrible I had a good time on the ride to big ol' Blackburn with three of my besties! And today is the week over yet? I decided to go ahead and work Thursday even though I've already worked my three days. I love that I only work three days a week, and only until 2pm at that! I'm very thankful that I was given the choice to make my own hours when I went back to work (4 months) after having Brady! I had planned on staying home full time with him but when my boss called and asked me back I agreed and am thankful now to get out of the house a few days a week!!

We are going to the AMA Supercross in Dallas this weekend. Should be fun, I've got used to being around boy stuff like that so its enjoyable to me. We have all the races this season DVR'd so of course Joby watches them all the time so at least I'll actually know who these people are. If you happen to watch it on SPEED look for me hahaha.

Be sure to check out our weekend pics next week........wish me luck that I dont go deaf or die from exhaust fumes!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And the craziness begins!

The Davis family of summer craziness has began! Our adventures of tackling work, lawn season, basketball, baseball, and dirt bike racing has started! This year we get to add chasing a one year old around!! Ahhh.....I wouldn't change it for the world!

Here's a pic of Brax all geared up, he ran a race in Woodward this past weekend and had a great time!

Little brother also likes wearing Bub's helmet!

So, in the past few weeks I've become an HGTV junkie again.....I get way too many ideas and want to do them all at once. We're gonna start with some landscaping this year....FINALLY. You know, Joby does this for a living so you'd think we'd have an immaculate yard...but we just haven't had time the past two years! WE WILL get it done this year though.........I hope :-)

I plan on trying to post more regulary, hopefully I can post more often and they won't have to be as long in the past......we'll see.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Stupid RSV!

We've had a lot going on in the past week until RSV decided to move in and we've been fighting it like crazy! Poor Brady has been so sick and on top of the RSV he has had strep....I will get back to posting as soon as he gets better!!

A year ago today......

This time last year we were spending all our days at the NICU at Saint Francis. We were so lucky to have had Brady at such a wonderful hospital and I'm even more thankful that he's so healthy and happy now.....although it was the hardest experience of my entire life it still is so special because it was when our family became complete

This is the morning after I had Brady, this was the first time I got to hold him....

Since Brady was a preemie he still had that red preemie skin plus he had jaundice so the combination gave me my own little orange oompa loopa lol

I can't believe he had SOOO much hair

Sweet baby boy!

I dont think he was too excited about having the gavage tube lol.

The first time my mom got to hold Brady Bug

Daddy and Brady!

Hanging out in his crib, sleeping....thats all he did.
Getting his first bath!
This is right before he got to come home, the tape was off from the tubes YEAH!!
This pic is from our first day home, my sweet boys!!

Brady Bugs One!

Our sweet baby boy, Bradyn Otto Davis turned the big ONE on the 23rd! I cannot believe my baby is already a year old! This year has definately flown by! We had his bday party at our house, which was CrAzY because there were around 40 people there! Since I call him monkey I did the ModMonkey theme. Unfortunately, as usual I ran out of time and didn't get to do all the cute projects I had planned on! I dont think he cared though, here are some sparadic pics from the party and they are in NO order at all LOL

I'm so excited that all my girlfriends were all able to make it to the party! I'm so lucky to be so close with such a great group of gals!! In the back are April & Logan, Leah, Jenn & Avery, Jessica, Missy and Noah. Sitting next to me are Amanda & Carley and Michelle & Makenzie!
I love this pic of Jess holding Noah, too cute! We all know she needs one of her own *wink wink*

Noah found one of Bradys old binkies and took a liking to it hahaha
Michelle and Makenzie

Sweet sweet Noah!

At first Brady was trying to be polite while eating his cake, but eventually he dug in lol.

A BIG thank you to my bestie, Missy! She took a ton of my pics for me because I was running around like crazy!!

This is Noah and I in the bathroom while Brady was getting cleaned off!
I love love love this pic! Brady and Noah are EXACTLY one week apart! Missy and I look forward to all the fun times our boys will have growing up together!

Monkey acting silly as ususal!

He's easily excited lol

There were a ton of other kiddos and people there I'm just terrible at taking pics! lol
A big THANK YOU to everyone that made Bradys 1st birthday so special!