Monday, July 26, 2010


Okay, so I noticed on my bff Missys blog that "Jessica" 's last blog post was 5 weeks ago.....where has the time went? So much has went on, I'll just sum it up with some pics....

Jen, Michelle, Mandy, Krissy and I went to see Eclipse at the midnight show!! I forgot to take any pics of us in our different super cute shirts, but this is what mine looked like! The movie was soooo good but I can't believe we have to wait until November of NEXT YEAR for Part 1 of Breaking Dawn......UGH!!We started on the landscpaping but have ran out of time (imagine that?) to finish, hopefully it will be done before the winter
Before the tilling....
After....and this is as far as we have got lol

Baseball season came to an end....our boys got 3rd place in the county, not bad for 1st year kid pitch!! We obviously had more players than just 5, but this was taken at Trophy Night

Braxton Dean turned 10!! I just can't believe it!! I told him this was the last year for a "big" party so we rented a water slide and kids had a ton of fun. One new thing, he wanted to open the presents in his room with his should have seen all the grass I had to vacuum up lol

Jen and I took Avery and Brady to see Storytime Live! They absolutely loved it!! We already have Yo Gabba Gabba and Disney on Ice tics for the fall!!

Brady and Avery are less than a month apart. Jen and I were very best friends in high school and think its so neat our kids will get to grow up together, now if I can just get them to move to Beggs they could go to school together too ;-)

Of course there are tons of other stuff we've done in the past month, but chasing a one year old around does not give moma much time to take pictures! Lets hope it gets easier.....but I doubt it hahaha. Oh and one other thing birthday...last year before the Dirty Thirty, I'm gonna try and enjoy it!!