Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break

Well, Braxtons been on Spring Break this week and I was looking forward to spending Monday with him but last week I had food poisening (AWFUL) so I worked Monday to catch up. It had been over a year since I worked on a Monday so my weeks been all off. Joby was off though so he hung out with the boys! Tuesday I left early from work to go to one of my dear friends grandmothers funeral. Although the circustances were terrible I had a good time on the ride to big ol' Blackburn with three of my besties! And today is the week over yet? I decided to go ahead and work Thursday even though I've already worked my three days. I love that I only work three days a week, and only until 2pm at that! I'm very thankful that I was given the choice to make my own hours when I went back to work (4 months) after having Brady! I had planned on staying home full time with him but when my boss called and asked me back I agreed and am thankful now to get out of the house a few days a week!!

We are going to the AMA Supercross in Dallas this weekend. Should be fun, I've got used to being around boy stuff like that so its enjoyable to me. We have all the races this season DVR'd so of course Joby watches them all the time so at least I'll actually know who these people are. If you happen to watch it on SPEED look for me hahaha.

Be sure to check out our weekend pics next week........wish me luck that I dont go deaf or die from exhaust fumes!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And the craziness begins!

The Davis family of summer craziness has began! Our adventures of tackling work, lawn season, basketball, baseball, and dirt bike racing has started! This year we get to add chasing a one year old around!! Ahhh.....I wouldn't change it for the world!

Here's a pic of Brax all geared up, he ran a race in Woodward this past weekend and had a great time!

Little brother also likes wearing Bub's helmet!

So, in the past few weeks I've become an HGTV junkie again.....I get way too many ideas and want to do them all at once. We're gonna start with some landscaping this year....FINALLY. You know, Joby does this for a living so you'd think we'd have an immaculate yard...but we just haven't had time the past two years! WE WILL get it done this year though.........I hope :-)

I plan on trying to post more regulary, hopefully I can post more often and they won't have to be as long in the past......we'll see.