Thursday, August 19, 2010

The summer has came to an end.....sorta

Well, back to school time is here. Tomorrow morning I will be driving past the Elementary school and dropping off Bubba Chubba at the Middle School. I can't believe my baby is in Middle School!?! We had meet and great with the teachers last night, of course we already know most of them but at least Brax got to make his way from one class to the other. No crayons, glue, or scissors on this years supply list......just big kid stuff. He's so pumped about 5th grade, I'm not sure if its because he's in a bigger school now or if its really because in Middle School you get to choose from 7 different flavors of ice cream to buy at lunch. He's starting band too this year so it might be a good thing our neighbors aren't too close! I'll post pics of tomorrow before I drop him off since I'm not allowed (by him) to walk him in on the first day of school!

With one kid at school that leaves me only one monster at home, and I mean MONSTER!! This kid is sooooo different than his older brother. He's so stinkin ornery!! He's not bad by any means but Joby and I have been so spoiled by the "golden child" that Brady is a handful! He likes to hit, throw things, throw fits in the floor, bang stuff on the tv, push the dogs around even though they are bigger than him, get into stuff he knows he's not supposed......I could go on and on but he does all of this stuff giving a completely innocent sweet smile! Joby and I already tease that when he starts school the principle will have us on speed dial.......hopefully we are exaggerating lol.

He is very entertaining though. While Brax liked to dance, talk, always be the center of attention, Brady would rather be playing with his cars or playing baseball....the kid is obsessed with baseball. Its pretty cute though!

Well, enough of my rambling....gotta get Brax all ready for school tomorrow!!