Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Is Sweet

I absolutely LOVE summertime. I love that Brax doesn't have school, I love that the boys get to play outside, I love that its baseball season, I love that the dogs can run around and not freeze, I love cookouts, but I do NOT love the summer bugs! Yes, my pretty little bite was from a brown recluse....ouch! Its healing up very nicely though, hopefully it wont scar too bad...Luckily I haven't seen anymore spideys so they boys should be in the clear!
As usual, we have been crazy busy. I did take Brady to get his 1st haircut though! He was pretty sleepy but my good friend Missy that does my hair did not mind he was a little cranky. She has two sweet boys of her own and another on the way so she knows little boys just don't like getting their hair cut!!

Here is the end result, he looks so BIG!! He says "cheese" now when I take his picture, you can kind of tell he's saying it here :-)

Along with Missy, two of my cousins are preggo too!! Although I never want to be in their shoes again I cannot wait until they have their little ones! Missy, who I spoke of above is having a little a little miracle boy that she is not releasing the name of until his arrival! My cousin Karri is having baby Camden in September and my cousin Brook is having baby "don't know yet" in December! I cannot wait until they all get here so I can steal sweet baby kisses!!

Baseball has taken over our nights the past few weeks. Its for sure been the good, bad, and the very ugly but its still fun! Brax is in his first year of kid pitch and I'm totally floored at how well he's pitching! Not to brag, but he's really been putting a lot of effort into it and is very talented, I can't wait to see how much he progresses in the future! Our entire team is awesome this year, we these boys get in high school the Demons are gonna ROCK!

This past weekend I went out with two of my very best friends Jen and Jessica. We didn't do much but we had a lot of fun. It was a totally random night but its always like that when you get us three together, its been that way for close to 17 or so years!!

The midnight Eclipse opening is only 15 days away YAHOO!! Me, Jen, Kris, and Mandy have our midnight tickets already and cannot wait until its here!!! Then of course we'll be dying for the part 1 of Breaking Dawn to come out in the fall!! Stephenie Meyer did release a short book about on of the newborn vampires that is in Eclipse and I recommend it to anyone thats going to see Eclipse, its really good!!

Well I will leave this quick blog with a crazy picture from Sunday afternoon....Brady LOVES the mud and LOVES to dip his face in it! I'm a total germaphobic crazy mom so I rushed him in soon after I took this and gave him a bath but at least he had a minute or so of fun lol.