Friday, April 16, 2010

Yea for having Fridays off!

I am so lucky to have Friday-Monday off! And it will be even better starting next week when Braxton will have Fridays off as well. The weather has been so beautiful and we've been spending EVERY single evening outside!
Brax and Dalton playing a game of Horse
This is how he prefers to go down his slide!
Brady Bug got his 1st busted lip so we had to have a Pop Ice to make it better!
So I realize that the bugs will start biting my poor babies soon. Bradys exzema is so bad so I've been doing some research on repellant that wont make it any worse....I've read that a soap called "Pine Tar" is good for bug bites on exzema kiddos and also works as a repellant so I've ordered some..I'll let everyone know the results.

My great debate right now is whether or not to cut Bradys hair. His hair was his "trademark" in the NICU lol. Its wild crazy right now but I just can't make myself get it cut. Joby doesn't want to either. I DO feel sorry for whomever we have cut when we do decide later on, this kid DOES not like being still lol. Check out his "do" in the tub the other night.....I think I may have my own Baby Einstein Jobys all caught up on his yards for a few days so we are looking forward to some quality family time this weekend! I absolutely love the summertime! I booked our room for our mini vacation in July. A group of my girlfriends and our families are going to stay at a resort together! Us girls are looking forward to spa time, the guys are looking forward to golf time, and the kiddos are looking forward to pool time!! COME ON JULY!!

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