Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Joby and I have so so much to be thankful for! We have two healthy boys, a warm safe home, living in a great community, great friends, a love for each other that neither of us new was possible, and a fear for the Lord who loves and forgives us even though we don't always obey him as we should ! We have such a great life! Perfect? Of course not. Happy? Immensely!

Today I would like I would like to share some tidbits about my two guys that I'm most thankful for!

Braxton Dean

* He has such a sweet spirit, maybe he's a little too soft hearted sometimes but I wouldn't change him for the world!
* This kid is a Video Game Genius!

* His first word was "Cheetos"

* He was named after Jobys brother that passed away, Charles Dean

* He makes friends really easy
* He's VERY accident prone, luckily the only broken bone so far has been his nose!

* He still likes for us to tuck him in at night!
* He's scared of dogs (He gets this from his moma!

* He asked for a baby brother forever and is such a good big brother, will even change diapers!

Bradyn Otto

* Is a moma's boy for sure! But still likes to hang out with daddy....

* It took us 2.5 years to conceive him but it was well worth the wait

* Decided he wanted to come almost 8 weeks early but I held him off for three more weeks!
* Spent 15 days in the NICU, mainly because he wouldn't eat on his own......
* He is 10 months old and weighs problem eating anymore lol

* Still prefers to army crawl than crawl up on all fours

* Only takes his binky when hes tired

* Love love loves to play patty cake
* He was named after my late grandfather, Otto Taylor

* Could stare and laugh at his big brother all day

I could definitely go on and on about these boys but I'd be here all day! Again, I am soooo Thankful for my life!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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