Friday, November 13, 2009

Mad At Mommy!

Well, I took Brady to get his 9 month Hep. shot today and while he was there he got his Flu shot and H1N1 shot. He was a perfect patient as usual but screamed like crazy when Nurse Maddy gave him his shots...he got over his fit fast but I think he stayed mad at me for a little bit. I took this pic with my phone (thats why its not the best quality) after we left and he wouldn't even look at me!

So, we went to Target and I bought him a new toy (no, he's not spoiled at all!) and he was wonderful the rest of the afternoon! We met Joby and Uncle Stewart for lunch and Brady enjoyed some french fries!

Its very quiet around the Davis home tonight though. Braxton went to a Birthday Sleepover and Joby went to the last home football game GO DEMONS! Bradys already in bed so mommys left with nothing more to do than blog :-). We have a fun filled weekend planned so hopefully I can take lots of pics and post them soon!!

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