Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last Weekend of November!

We had another great weekend!! Saturday we finally took family pics. I usually go to a photographer that does more personal photos but our time is so limited right now we just went to good ol' Sears. Brady did very good and didn't complain one time!! I went with a chocolate/brown theme since those are the colors my living rooms decorated in :-)We went to Jobys parents for a little while and had Thanksgiving dinner that afternoon. Same stuff different day there...

And then later on Saturday evening we went to Dave and Busters for my good friend Jessica's birthday! We had sooooo much fun! Joby and I got to have an "adult" night out thanks to Stew and Krissy watching the boys for us!! Today we spent the day just laying around in the living room watching movies and keeping warm with a fire! I love days like this!!
Well, I guess all I can say now is BRING ON DECEMBER!!

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  1. Love your new family pics!! What a beautiful family! I wish I could've made it to the birthday party! Looks like you guys had a great time! I'll definitely be there this weekend!!! Love you!!! muah!