Thursday, January 7, 2010

So much has been going on.......

So so much has went to on since I last posted. Here's a run down....

Our Kelley side came over Christmas Eve....right before it got really bad outside
Brax opening gifts while my moma watched I think Brady liked the boxes more than anythingMy brother and my Daddy
Santa came Christmas Morning and brought WAY to many gifts as usual....

The tree after Santa stopped by
My Boys
They both loved all their new stuff

The Davis Family came over for dinner and we had tons of fun and food!

Everyone watching Transformers 2Well, watching it around Brady anyway :-)

Super Cooper and Brady Bug

Dalton and Braxton in serious game mode

We spent New Years Eve with Kris, Stewart, the boys and a few friends

Watching the boys play Rock Band Lego

We had lots of snacks!
Everbody was "KungFu Fighting"
Aunt Krissy gave Brady a red cupcake!

Princess Avery turned 1!!!!
Well, she actually turned one the 26th but her party was on the 2nd!
Avery Reece smiling at her mommy!
One of my very best friends Jennifer, with the bday girl and her daddy, Robert
You did a great job decorating Jen!!
Like I said, we've been going like crazy and there really is no end in sight anytime soon but hopefully I can start actually "blogging" and not picture posting soon!!!



  1. I'm glad you had a Merry Christmas. I put your blog on my "Blogs I Hop!" on the sidebar of my blog. Hope that's okay. You'll probably get a few more visitors... :) Happy 2010!

  2. Thanks Honey! I cannot wait to see you at Brady's 1 Year Party!