Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My forgotten blogs getting ready to get a FACELIFT!

So, this is my forgotten you can tell. So much has happened since my last blog....Christmas, Brady turning 2, and the biggest change is we are now residents of the city of Jenks!!!

We just don't have time to take care of 5 acres, and having to pay for a house on that much land is just ridiculous so we decided to move to a housing addition. Of course, the closest ones to Beggs is Glenpool and Jenks. Our house sq footage is much smaller but that's okay, much less to clean!! I'll post pics if I EVER get everything put up. Brax is staying in the Beggs School System so that's one less change for him but he's already made friends in the neighborhood so he's loving having someone to play with all the time!

Another big change is I'm getting ready to embark on the scary world of P90x..have I lost my mind? My hopes are not to lose any weight but tone up. About 6 years ago I was at an uncomfortable weight but after losing around 20 lbs all together (well I gained about 40 when I had Brady but it fell off fast luckily) I like the weight I'm at now so if I gain a few pounds of muscle that's totally okay with me. But I'm SOOO out of shape its ridiculous. I almost died playing Just Dance on the Wii last weekend. And don't even get me started on trying to carry laundry baskets upstairs?!?! But if I don't start now I wont ever start. This though shall help keep my blogging regular as I'm sure I'll will have lots of comments and much needed venting about the regimen.

Look for some colorful, maybe even ugly posts coming soon!!!

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